Battle Buddies And Wingmen

I’ve served my country for 25 years now. I’ve been a commissioned officer for 17 of those years, and a full-time Active Guard and Reserve officer for the past eight years. I have served at echelons of the organization from Team Leader to Joint Staff. I’ve served in command and on staff; I’ve mobilized and deployed. I’ve had a pretty diverse and interesting career. I’m also the first openly-serving transgender officer in the Ohio Army National Guard to complete the Army’s in-service gender transition process. Initially I had no intention of coming out to the military. I was certain the professional cost would be too high – but then I heard about three younger service members who wanted to exe

A Lesson In The Power Of Community

I have a confession… And I am sure it will come as a total shock to you… But I am a pretty conventional woman. Maybe even a little boring.

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