Science Is Trying To Find A Biological Cause For Transgenderism – Do I Really Care?

I am thoroughly comfortable with the idea of being a transgender person. Other than trying to explain the trans experience to others, I have not been overly concerned with the causes for it. In short, I have been content with “just being,” That was until this past October 2018 when the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Australia released the first peer-reviewed study that has uncovered a potential biological basis or cause for being transgender or – as they wrote – “for gender dysphoria.” Specifically, they have identified 12 genetic markers that were significantly over-represented in 380 trans women vs. a comparable number of cisgender women. These genes control how the human body

Travelling While Transgender

Travelling as a transgender person takes what is already a stressful and unpleasant experience and magnifies the personal discomfort signifi

It Ain’t No Riddle

You see it on the news almost every night. Especially since the most recent Presidential election. Those with hateful attitudes toward the transgender community are becoming more vocal than ever. The evidence is all around us and it includes more than just the recent spate of anti-trans bathroom bills or lawsuits against local schools who have been working to accommodate trans students. Are You Sure You Want Acceptance? Acceptance is a word that is used frequently in regard to LGBT people and other minorities. You hear phrases like “I just want to be accepted” or “It is important to accept trans people as people.” But is acceptance what we (or you) are really looking for? The definition

A Manicure Leads to Deep Thoughts

I got my nails done the other day. I was getting ready for some important events and I wanted to look my best. As often happens when you go to a salon, you end-up getting in a chat. At first, we talked about the usual topics – what style I wanted, the weather, traffic... But after a few minutes of this type of innocuous chit-chat she asked me a more about the events I was attending. One was a panel discussion around supporting trans people in the workplace, another was an educational event and the third was a workshop I was conducting at a large conference called “Building a Better Support Group for Trans People.” Her response was “a support group…you seem to have it pretty together, why d

A Friend or Relative Just Came Out To You – What Now?

When someone you care about trusts you enough to let you know that they are questioning their gender identity it can be a life changing event – for them and you as well. A natural reaction to this news can be to wonder how you can best support them. In this post we are going to explore some questions you may have with regard to supporting transgender and gender nonconforming (GNC) friends and relatives. What should I do when they come out to me? While your first reaction may be to ask them questions, a better plan is to just listen. Often, people have not fully resolved what their gender identity is or what it means to them. Reconciling gender identity is a big deal and it can take a lot of

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