Tips for working with Transgender workers

Transgender people are employed in every industry and profession. Based on recent estimates by the Williams Institute at UCLA there are over 6,000 transgender people of working age in the Lehigh Valley. Many of them are not out yet but are thinking about it. So you may be working with a trans person but just not know it yet. With that in mind, here are five tips for working with a trans person (Adapted from the Transgender Law Center). 1.) Demonstrate Respect: Transgender coworkers do not expect any special treatment. Treating a transgender coworker with respect means addressing them by the name and pronoun that reflects their gender identity. If you are unsure of what pronoun to use, you

Should We Be Thankful For Caitlyn Jenner?

There are few people in the Transgender Community who are more controversial than Caitlyn Jenner. Whether it is her wealth, her privilege, her support of Donald Trump (and attendance at his inauguration), her association with the Kardashian clan or any number of other items, when you bring her name up in a crowd of trans people you are more than likely to get a loud and vociferous debate. There is no doubt that Jenner has been late to the party and that she has struggled with finding a voice that resonates with the Community. All you need to do is to re-watch her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show where her response to a question about supporting gay marriage was tepid at best. Anothe

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