12 Little Things You Can Do To Promote Trans Equality

We often wonder just what does it take to move a mountain like getting the larger community to accept (and hopefully) embrace transgender, genderqueer or gender questioning people. The truth is that many of us have moved many mountains in our lives. We have earned degrees, launched careers, raised families, started businesses and so much more. And when you think about those accomplishments - your accomplishments - so many of them involved little steps. The biggest goals are not accomplished in one fell swoop... Instead they are achieved by taking one step forward at a time while keeping your goals and priorities in mind. So how do you move a mountain? The answer is obvious... You do it o

When You Transition Everyone You Know Transitions Too

I began my so-called “path to transition” at the age of 54. That is when I finally said the words “I am transgender and I have to live authentically” out loud. Of course, I knew that I was trans decades earlier. I was not able to put a name to it, but I knew there was something different about me even before I started kindergarten. 50 years later, I was a husband, father and senior business executive. To most other people, I had the stereotypical type-A male personality. I was a hard charger who worked 60-plus hours a week and reveled in the privilege that mature white men possess. Of course, much of what people saw was an act. Finally, after all those years, the pressure had built-up

Racing for Pride

Its @6pm on a warm Thursday evening and Christine Penn is astride her bicycle and checking her time from her latest criterium ride at the Rodale track in Trexlertown. Looking tired, but proud in her racing kit she says, “It was faster than last week, but I know I can do better.” At 52 years of age, Christine has been actively engaged in cycling for over 9 years – the last three as the woman she always knew herself to be. Transgender Athletes Under Attack Transgender athletes like Christine have been in the news – and under attack - a lot over the past few months. Most notably among these was a recent op-ed written in the Sunday Times of London by tennis great and out lesbian Martina Navrat

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