Ten (plus one) Do’s and Don’ts for When You Meet Trans People

Once you get to know a trans person you will quickly learn that you have a lot more in common with them than you ever knew. Trans-folk come in all shapes, sizes, political views and more – just like the rest of the population. But, meeting a trans person or a group of trans people for the first time can be an uncomfortable and stressful situation for both parties. So with that in mind, here are some do’s and don’ts that can help you to make that first interaction a positive one. 1.) Don’t assume a person’s pronouns. - Do ask their pronouns, use them correctly and apologize/correct yourself if you slip-up! 2.) Don’t use gendered language like “ladies and gentleman.” - Do use gender neutral

Coming Out as Trans: Support and Advice

Coming out as trans is difficult at any stage of life. It can be isolating and nerve-wracking – but it can also be life’s most liberating experience. Getting to Know Yourself Self-acceptance is the first step on a long road. Part of accepting yourself is knowing that this is you, this is how you are and nothing will change it. No person can force themselves to be straight or gay, queer or asexual – just as they can’t force themselves cisgender. It’s part of the very fabric of your being. Another element of this stage in the process, for many people, is learning to love yourself. After extended periods of self-doubt and denial (either internal denial or denial projected from family and friend

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