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Show Your Appreciation at Target.

I was speaking to one of our members at the Renaissance meeting last Saturday night and she mentioned that she had gone to Target to shop and to thank the store manager for Target's trans friendly policies. The manager was very appreciative and stated that our member was the first trans person to come into the store to thank them. I was kind of shocked because I thought that many trans folks would have done so. Apparently not. So here is a picture of me on my way to Target last Sunday. I visited the Target in Bartonsville and personally spoke with the manger to thank them. They seemed genuinely grateful that I had come in. Target has taken a fairly large financial hit due to their position on transgender inclusion. Therefore I am asking all of you who are comfortable in doing so to make an effort to go shop at Target. When you do, please make a point to ask to speak with the store manager to thank them for their steadfast support of our community. I know that this topic isn't front page news right now but I think that showing your appreciation on matters such as this can go a long way toward public acceptance of all transgender people.



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